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A Lifestyle

An Electric Car for You.


A Lifestyle

VIM represents more than just a car brand; it embodies a way of life. Choosing VIM means selecting a vehicle that not only exudes excellence but also positively impacts the world.

Our brand was born out of Ecotranzit’s unyielding passion and dedication to revolutionising mobility and creating a future of sustainable transportation. With VIM, you can embrace a bold new way of living that’s as exhilarating as it is eco-friendly.


We believe that electric vehicles represent the future of transportation. By advocating for their widespread adoption, we are steadfast in our mission to create a world that is healthier, where electric vehicles are accessible to all and their benefits are realised by society as a whole.


The goal is to lead the market in integrative electric cars with high standards of reliability and innovation. They strive to make electric car ownership accessible to all, promoting a sustainable and equitable future for everyone.



We’re steered by an unwavering passion for creating a positive impact on the world, one that goes beyond simply meeting our customers’ expectations, undertaking ingenuity, diligence, and user-centeredness in everything we do.

Unparalleled Individuality
and Uniqueness


Drive The Future You Want

Customisation lies at the heart of our brand, recognising that our clientele yearns for a vehicle that mirrors their distinct personality and style. Consequently, we provide an extensive range of customisation options, encompassing exterior colours, interior finishes, and technological features. From compact city cars to expansive family SUVs, VIM empowers its customers to craft a vehicle that reflects their unique personalities.

Progress Sustainable Mobility

VIM prioritises cutting-edge research and development to enhance efficiency, safety, and driving pleasure. With a commitment to pushing boundaries, our engineers and designers continuously innovate, resulting in some of the most advanced vehicles available. Beyond technological advancements, VIM embodies modernity and sophistication. Our cars boast sleek, stylish designs that stand out on the road.