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Practicality & Sustainability, Combined

Crafted for maximum efficiency with elegance and style, the D line EVs reshape sustainable mobility. The D lineup includes three models: a sedan S4, and SUV F6 and F7.

D Line vehicles cater to the needs of urban pioneers who demand a seamless blend of cutting-edge technology, eco-friendliness, and practicality. The S4, F6, and F7 redefine what an electric commute can offer – seamlessly integrating you into the smart city world of tomorrow while leaving zero carbon footprint today.

From adaptive driving assistance to immersive infotainment, the VD30 showcases the future of green transportation.
Seamlessly infusing smart features, the VD70 offers dynamic performance, energy efficiency, and a connected driving experience like never before.

The comfort and top notch features offered by VD60 make it one of the best choices as electriv Vehicles